Are you MAD?

As in angry?  Let me guess...

You watched Fearless Leader’s (Steve Jobs', that is) announcements on Tuesday.  As soon as it was over, you hurried on over to Apple’s web site to check out the iLife ’08 demonstration video.

You had to have it.  So you ran right out and added $80 to your already huge credit card debt in order to keep Apple in business. 

Of course, you didn’t even consider looking at the system requirements, now did you?  Well, did you?  

After all, your Mac is only 2 years old, right?  Apple wouldn’t (couldn’t?) release software that would render your G4 based Powerbook, Mac Mini, or iBook obsolete. 

Or could they?

Well they did.

Boy that sucks.

I know.  From personal experience.

So I did something about it.