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Have a great idea for an app?  Fantastic!

Here's the deal:  If you submit a brief description of your idea here, we will get back in touch with you.  For providing the idea, you will get all of the proceeds for the in-app-purchase that elimates ads from the app, while we will take the iAd revenue as payment for doing the development work.  You'll set the price for the in-app-purchase.
Interested?  Click here to get started.

And yes, we'll sign a non-disclosure agreement before you provide all the details of your idea.  Oh, and one more thing… for the record, we'll donate a portion of all ad revenue to charity.

Wait 10 Minutes


There is a saying in Michigan (and probably every other state) that if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change.  That saying is the motivation for this app.

Knowing the current weather conditions (temperature and precipitation) is important, but just as important is knowing when those conditions are going to change.

If it is raining, snowing, or sleeting, "Wait 10 Minutes" will tell you how long until it stops.

No precipitation?  Don't worry,  "Wait 10 Minutes" will tell you how long until it starts.

There are no fancy location searches, and there is no pull-to-refresh.  Just start the app, and it will tell you the current weather and what to expect next.  It auto-updates every 10 minutes or 1 mile location change.


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If you, like me, suffer from "senior moments" while filling up your shopping cart, Dilion can help.  

How many times have you purchased items at your local grocery, only to arrive home to choruses of "We don't like those crackers any more!  You should have gotten…”?

Dilion scans barcodes, searches the internet for an appropriate image of the item, and allow you to assign a rating to the item.  No image found?  No problem, Dilion will let you take your own.

The next time you are at the market, you can simply scan the barcode of an item, and if you've rated it before, the item's picture and rating will magically appear!

Of course, it is still up to you to remember to modify an item's rating if any personal or family preferences change!

You can also use Dilion as a shopping wish list, to keep track of which "classic" books/DVDs/etc you liked and which you detested, or for inventory purposes to make sure you don't "re-buy" an item you already own.

If you were wondering, Dilion stands for "Do I Like It Or Not?”

Gravatari: (V1.3 Available 8/6/2015!)

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Use gravatari to associate each of your contacts with their gravatar.*

Since gravatari uses the iOS Address Book, you can sync gravatars via iCloud with all your iOS devices and your Mac as well!

Check out www.gravatar.com for more information or to set up your own gravatar.

* = Globally Recognized Avatar

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